Teds Big Trip!

Have you seen Ted ?!?!?!

September 11, 2006

Ted Makes it to Las Vegas!

Ted enjoyed a trip out west with Joel and Kelly of Asheville, NC!

Ted takes in the sights from his room in the Sahara hotel and casino in Las Vegas on Sept. 2

Ted tries his hand at the slots in one of Las Vegas' many casinos. Because Ted is not a high rollin' bear, he soon contented himself with a pint of barley water from the bar and watched the action on the casino floor

The next day, he drove across the desert and up into Mammoth California, where he enjoyed splashing in the alpine lakes

Ted joined Joel and Kelly on a backpacking excursion throught the wilderness of Yosemite in California. He was hoping to see some of his big bear cousins in their natural habitat.
Ted ended his adventure with Joel and Kelly at a gas station off of the strip in Vegas, where they would catch their plane back to NC. He assured them that he would have no problem finding a ride to his next mystery destination...

August 27, 2006

Ted's first Weekend!

Ted had a great time hanging out at the Snack Machine for his first adventure. Ted got to hang out with the girls quite a bit and he even watched the Red Sox game with Dad.

He really enjoyed coloring with Ida and cleaned up his plate, like a good boy, on 'Taco Night'

On Saturday, Ted got to go exploring at the Carl Sandburg Home in Flat Rock North Carolina. He hiked up the Big Glassy Trail with us, stopped for a snack, and then hiked up to the Sandburg's house overlooking Flat Rock.

Ted even got a big surprise by visiting the Sandburg's Goat Farm on top of the grassy ridge. He got to pet a few goats and looked at the chickens. Ted really enjoyed the fresh air although the smell of the goats seemed to stir his appetite

Ted had a great time here on his first weekend. Now its time to pass him on and see where he ends up next! Have a great trip, Ted! We had a wonderful time with you

Shane and the Girls
Snack Machine

August 15, 2006

Ted's Discovery: The Big Trip Begins!

How Ted ended up on the shelving of our store, amongst the vitamins and supplements, is still a mystery. He was just sitting there smiling with a note attached to his sweater that reads:

"I am on a trip around the USA!
You are part of my trip!
Just pick me up and
leave me some were else! - Ted"

This is the beginning of Ted's Big Trip and the beginning of his story.

August 15, 2006

Ted was discovered by Kelly, my co-worker and friend, at the Hendersonville Community Co-op in Hendersonville, North Carolina. As I was leaving work for the day Kelly asked if I had "....seen the bear in the store?". There a quite a few black bears in the NC mountains but I did not recall any bears wandering around the store on my way out for the day. She said that he was sitting on a shelf in the vitamins department of our store and that I should go check him out.

I walked back to the store. It took me a couple of minutes to spot him on the shelf but I eventually found him. I read the note attached to his green sweater. Then I thought that I should take Ted's picture as he's getting ready for his journey to who-knows-where-next. Then I snagged up Ted and headed back to the office.

Kelly and Kelly [yes, I work with two of them] thought that we should make a blog for Ted and then send him off on his adventure to see where he ends up. And thats the beginning of Ted's Big Trip!


If Ted visits you or spends some time with you please send your photos and stories to tedsbigtrip@gmail.com so we can keep track of him!